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Rae Salander is a first-time author, amateur blogger, food junkie, book fanatic and part-time cook.
She lives in Wales with her partner, her five-year-old son and two dogs of indeterminate breed. A short break from work gave her the chance to live in her books. She loves to try new things and romance is her favourite genre. This first book just happened and she is excited and nervous to put it out in the world. Long walks and spicy food are her other loves.

Latent: A dark dystopian romance

A dark dystopian novel by Raegan Salander.
Now available on Amazon Kindle.


The perfect daughter, the perfect partner and the perfect medic-that’s me, or at least that’s what I have been working on for most of my life. So, what if I find my papa has a condition which has no discovered cure? I can work harder to make him proud while he still remembers me. So, what if I secretly don’t think I am good enough for Nathan? I can try harder. So, what if I have discovered I don’t have the people skills to be a medic? I can plan to go into research. See, I am adaptable. After all, it has only been about 200 years since the world went to hell. With the natural disasters and then the pandemic. With extra-terrestrials swooping in to the rescue. At a price, of course. Nothing comes for free. The new world order is a human-eat-human one. And the hand I have been dealt is a pretty darned good one. Even Freya, my roomie and best bud, has learned to put up with my borderline OCD tendencies. Yes, life is good. And then they take it all away. Every little bit, I have built up. Every shred of what I believe makes me. But they will pay. If I ever make it out of this alive.


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